Step 1
Click on SELECT YOUR BOOTH. It will open a new tab with the floor plan. Kindly choose what you like best and click the RESERVE button. You’ll be prompted to a new tab, kindly fill out the details, click agree and reserve.

Step 2
Click on REGISTER HERE. It will open a new tab with a form. Kindly complete all the necessary details and click submit. We’ll process the payment on our end. Once payment is successful, we’ll send another email confirmation of your reservation.

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The Rhythms Bridal Expo Bridal is the ultimate wedding planning experience. We help you find the perfect gown and reception venue, invitations, photographers, videographers, cake and catering, honeymoon destination and much more. Put together the most memorable wedding. Draw inspiration from our featured designers, caterers, stylists, and more. Book big deals and great packages.

We are very excited to host this annual event, which we hope will bring you even closer to your dream wedding. Win prizes and enjoy special rates on selected services.