About the project


Alexandro Delgado, known as Delgado, was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been dancing salsa for 6 years. He started with Las Vegas Salsa Kids and continued his salsa dancing career after he reached the age limit. He then joined Rico to Mambo but it didn’t last long. That was when he found Hip Hop and bboyin’. He has been a bboy for 4 years and is the newest of member of the world ranked bboy crew Battle Born. Through mutual friends he found Sin City Salseros and is now bringing fresh ideas to the already talented team.

Bboyin’ (Break Dance)

Students will learn the foundational steps of bboyon’ along with the history and mentality. The foundations of bboyin’ include rockin’, footwork, and power. The student will also learn that bboyin’ is only a part of the greater movement of hip hop.