About the project


Alejandro (Alex) Ramos was born in Los Angeles, CA but moved to Vegas in 2012. He always has been involved in sports and has competed in triathlons while in college. He loves to live an active lifestyle and loves the rush of endurance sports. Currently he manages a Kinesiotherapy department at the Las Vegas VA hospital, which provides rehabilitation services to Veterans who suffer from spinal cord injuries, amputations, and many other musculoskeletal conditions that limit Veterans function.
In 2001 he was introduced to salsa dancing at his college student salsa club. At that point he fell in love with the culture & vibe that the salsa scene had in Los Angeles. Throughout the years his goal has been to find a balance between keeping the essence of street flavor and technical dancing that salsa has evolved into. He now has been with Sin City Salseros Dance Company for 2 years. Even though he has been dancing for over 10 years in salsa he is still cultivating his skill set by training with the dance company in different styles of dance such as rumba, jazz, hip hop and breaking. Such training has developed him to become a much more technical dancer and he only strives to become better in both salsa & bachata to take his stage presence to new heights.