About the project


Alejandra Magallon was born in Mexico and brought to the states when she was 8 years old. She always loved dancing but started training when she was in middle school, around the age of 12. She took classes such as jazz, ballet and hip hop. She continued to dance all throughout her HS years. She stopped for over 2 years right after she graduated. She didn’t know where or what she was going at the time. Until one day, a close friend of hers invited her to a Salsa Congress. To her the event was amazing, it was inspiring. Since then, she started salsa dancing with Sin City Salseros.  Sin City has been like a family to her they trained her, pushed me to beyond her limits. This team has everything she ever dreamed off. They train in so many styles, and the choreography challenges her everyday. It has made her a better dancer, each practice she feels is an accomplishment. She has overcome many challenges and through her years of experience in the company, she has gained the experience and knowledge to now run one of the teams as director of Sin City Forza.