Yahia Icheboudene


He was a member of the French National Team specializing in Tumbling for 7 years. He also has a degree in sports with a specialty for tumbling, trampoline, acro sport, and double mini-trampoline. Yahia has competed in World Championships, European Championships, and World Cups.

In 2007 he won the French National Championship and the French Cup. He still holds the French record for the hardest tumbling pass called “full full straight into Miller straight”. In 2008, he joined Cirque du Soleil for a new creation of a new show, OVO which toured the world for 6 six years. He then went on to further his career and perform in 2 other Cirque du Soleil shows. He currently performs trampoline wall, slack line, Russian swing, and bungee straps as well as being an artist coach, on stage at Michael Jackson One in Las Vegas.