Virginia Cano

Owner / Director

She was born and raised in Madrid Spain. Dancing has always been a part of her life. As a child she was a member of a Sevillanas dance academy in Madrid in which she learned the traditional Spanish dance. As a teenager she was a cheerleader and dancer in her local high school along with participating in other sports. In 2000 when she moved to Las Vegas, she discovered a passion for a new dance, salsa. Virginia has been a member of Sin City Salseros since 2001. She has competed and performed at both national and international salsa congresses and events.

She is a performer, instructor, choreographer, and currently co-director of the Sin City Salseros dance company. Virginia continues to expand her dance abilities by learning different styles of dance.

Her goal is to incorporate this knowledge to bring salsa to a new level, not only for herself but also for her dance company and students.