Nathan Strager

Owner / Director

He was an athlete in high school and didn’t discover dancing until the age of 21. Nate was introduced to Salsa when a good friend took him to a very popular club in downtown Los Angeles called the Mayan. When Nate walked in there were 2,000 people of all races dancing with each other. On stage was an all Japanese Salsa band singing in Spanish. Nate couldn’t believe that a place like this existed where there was so much culture and diversity all dancing together to the same music. In 1999 Nate along with three others created Las Vegas’ first Salsa Dance Company that danced On1 called Sin City Salseros. Throughout the years they practiced and performed everywhere they could. Gaining experience and getting more known Sin City Salseros was becoming one of the most recognized names in the world in Salsa Dancing. In 2004 Sin City Salseros now directed by Nate Strager and Virginia Cano created the first ever Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Congress. In the events first year there were only 23 room nights’ booked and about 500 people in attendance. Fast forward to 2016 and the Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Congress is now the biggest Salsa/Bachata Congress in North America with over 2200 room nights booked and over 7,000 people attending.

In 2008 Nate and Virginia decided to take the company in a different direction. They started training in Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rumba as they wanted to incorporate different elements of dancing into their Salsa routines. In 2013 Sin City Salseros reduced their travel gigs and starting focusing more on developing the local Salsa and bachata market. Within 3 years their school Rhythms Academy of Salsa Dancing now has over 700 students and they have created 7 dance teams that consist of over 80 people from beginner to professional levels.

The future continues to be bright for Nate Strager and his dream to make Salsa big in Las Vegas and the world. With the possible build of their new 8,000 square foot dance school and event center scheduled to be built by mid-2017 to developing Las Vegas’ first ever Latin/Salsa show on the strip Nate Strager and Sin City Salseros will reach their dream in helping the world dance together no matter what race, religion, or nationality you are.